Grymmskoll is a massive citadel built deep in the earth, inhabited by the myriad races that metahumans refer to as “monstrous”.

The citadel was built centuries ago by a collective of mages, witches, shamans, clerics, and other powerful entities, designed to weather a terrible cataclysm that ravaged the surface. No histories remain to tell us the exact nature of the cataclysm, or whether there might someday be a surface worth returning to, and with the ancient rites of warding lost and no way found to undo the protections and open the seals, many have even begun to believe that the “outside world” is just a myth.


Grymmskoll is governed by a system known as Shaggrút [pronounced: sha-GROOT], which comes from an old Orcish term for a moot between clan elders and spiritual leaders. The Shaggrút is an ecclesiocracy with the highest seat of authority occupied by the Makkhat [pronounced: muh-COT], the five deities who make up the core of the Shaggrút pantheon. Serving as their mortal instruments and voice among the populace are the respective chief priests of each of the five Makkhat, referred to as the lar’Makkhat, or more commonly the Chosen. The Chosen are usually the seniormost among the devoted of their deity, but exceptions can and have been made.

Below the lar’Makkhat serves a council composed of the leaders of the collegia that oversee the mundane functions of the citadel, much like guilds and labour unions. The councillors are the only members of the Shaggrút who are not also members of the clergy, though they are afforded nearly the same respect and deference as senior priests (below the lar’Makkhat) and may be lesser spiritual leaders in their own right. The councillors are chosen by the ruling committees of each collegium from among their own number, and usually serve on the council until death or voluntary retirement, barring extraordinary circumstances.


Grymmskoll operates under a form of socialism wherein the means of production are controlled by the collegia, or associations of labourers, artisans and professionals. Each collegium is lead by a committee of its most esteemed members, selected by existing members of the committee (and at times divine providence). The collegia, in turn, answer to the Shaggrút. There is no currency in the citadel, and goods and services are obtained in several ways.

[to be continued]


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